Wedding Ceremonies

Where do I start

Every relationship has a special story to tell and your ceremony can share some of those unique elements with your guests. I can give you a variety of sample ceremonies to choose from and once you find the one that you like, I can help you tailor your ceremony to create something special for you both.

 What do you do

My role is to make sure that your day runs as smoothly as possible. This is a responsibility that I revel in, so I ensure your documents are prepared well in advance so that you are comfortable and relaxed during your special day.

 What can I choose

The simple answer to that is pretty much anything you like. Aside from a few things I need to state in order to make your ceremony legal, you have free range of what you would like to include. From modern to traditional and religious alternative, your ceremony can include any sacred element you desire.

To learn more or to check availability call me on 0417 264 176 or complete my contact form online.